Welcome to the resource page for Mrs. Neely's Worm Webquest!
The sites below will help you answer the questions on the worksheet.

Here are the questions and directions for the assignment:

Use these resources to help you answer questions 1-7:

  • Virtual Worm Tour - Ernie the Earthworm will guide you through a virtual tour of earthworm anatomy.
  • Yucky Worm World - Kid-friendly resources about worms of a variety of types.
  • Earthworm Facts - Resource from Biology Junction. A list of questions and answers about earthworms.
  • Earthworm Fact Sheet - from the Australian Museum, a wide range of facts about earthworms.
  • Common Earthworm - A profile of earthworms from National Geographic.
  • Worm Interviews - Click on the hyperlinked name of types of worms to get information about that type of worm.

Use this site for questions 8-9:

  • Jamestown - Learn about worms in Jamestown. If you read the first page of the article, that should lead you to the answers you need.

Use this site for questions 10-13:

Use this site for question 14:

  • Worm Digest - After you click on a link, scroll down the page to read the article..

Video Gippslan Worms