Peeps Go West!
Knight, 2015.

Westward Expansion Resources


Cook Library
Use the password - 21122002134515 - to access these resources
  • US History in Context - a great selection of reference materials, articles, and primary sources related to topics in US History.
  • Freedom Flix - Click on the Westward Expansion tab to get into resources including eBooks, videos, and other resources.
Use the username= highland70 and password = hornets to access this database
Choose - EBSCOHost and then select Middle Search Plus from the list of databases.
THINK about your search.
I tried mormons and westward expansion and got some good results.


Try Sweet Search - a search engine designed for students.

Find a website you that seemed helpful?
Email it to me (, and I can add it to the resource page.

Chinese Immigration Resources (Thanks, Emma!)

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