6th Grade Science Astronomy Book Project

ewyatt-lg.jpgThese resources will help as you do you research in order to write your children's book on space topics.
Don't forget to use all the great books on the research cart as well.
Remember to CITE your sources!

  • The New Book of Popular Science - A science encyclopedia! You'll need a password to enter. You can use your Cook Library card number or take the password from the book cart.

Planets, Comets and Other Objects in Space
  • Windows to the Universe - Click on the Our Solar System link in the center of the home page to get to the information about the planets and other space features.
  • Exploring the Planets - A resource page from the National Air and Space Museum.
  • Planetary Fact Sheet - A resource from NASA. It doesn't look pretty, but it has a list of links to fact sheets about each of the planets.
  • Welcome to the Planets - Images - Need a picture of your planet? This NASA website contains NASA's best pictures taken of the different planets.
  • Views of the Solar System- This site, created and maintained by Calvin Hamilton, has images and information about the planets. There are also interesting features like a way to find your weight on other planets.

  • Amazing Space: Capture the Cosmos - Check out the information about black holes and comets. There is an interactive guide to learning about comets. It'll give you information and may give you some ideas for your book.

Space Exploration

  • NASA Resource page for students in grades 5-8 - Use the find it fast guide to help you find information about a specific space-related topic.
  • International Space Station - See what it is like to live and study in space. Be sure to check out the Interactive Space Station Reference Guide which has a link on the upper right of the page. It has videos and shows the astronauts in action.