Nutrition Resources

ewyatt-lg.jpgMs. Wyatt says, "Check out these fun sites with nutrition information. I wrote some comments below about what I liked best on each of the sites!"

Kidnetic has games and resources related to nutrition and fitness. I liked the Inner G game where you have to drag the body part into the
O'Gorden Os??
place where it goes in the body to find out what it does. -

Nutrition Explorations has games related to nutrition. I liked the Feed the Monster game, but I was no good at it! You get to catapult food at this dancing monster and you have to hit him with food from each of the food groups. If anyone can figure out how to hit him, let me know! I missed every time. -

BAM (Body and Mind) from the CDC has information about food/nutrition, diseases, and fitness. It has a fun, interactive interface with games and information -

SmartMouth has lots of games and information. I liked feed the face. Put your headphones on for this site. The music is going non-stop in the background -

Pizza Explorer quizzes you on how much you know about pizza and its ingredients -


Many food companies have their own websites. If you have any to add, we'll put them here.

Nestle -

Nabisco -
The Wonka Movie-
Campbell's -
McDonald's - The site for kids -
Dole -
Kraft Kids Corner -
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