Native American Project

Start with An Encyclopedia Article

Make your first stop World Book Online

Use this number to enter the database - 21122002134515

If you don't have background knowledge about a topic, it is helpful to read an Encyclopedia article.
(I found all but Hohokam. For Pueblans - search Pueblo Indians)

Web Resources
IroquoisIroquois Pages - from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.
Iroquois LiveBinder - Another school librarian made this collection of resources all about the Iroquois.

HohokamHohokam - great article from the Arizona Museum of Natural History that goes through nearly all the areas on your assignment!
Hohokam Encylopedia Brittanica - an article from EB. You can also click the links to websites and other content.

PuebloansAncient Puebloans from the Hewitt Foundation - the article has different sections you can navigate to on the left menu bar or just read through the article and click next links on bottom of the page.
Who Were the Anasazi? (Ancient Pueblo People) - US Department of the Interior has a FAQ format that asks and answers the same type of questions you are being asked for this assignment.

Inuit Article - short history from prehistoric to modern times from the University of Newfoundland.
The Inuit from Canadas First Peoples - Helpful information. Be sure to scroll down for the pictures!

ApacheApache Peoples from Ducksters
- from the University of Texas at Austin. A nice selection of images goes along with this article.

Navajo Nation - resource guide from the Indian Health Service.Navajo Indians - from a nonprofit group
Cherokee Peoples from Ducksters
History of the Cherokee Nation
- from the official Cherokee Nation website.
About the Cherokee - from the Texas State Historical Association.

Algonquin Tribe Facts - from the Facts4Me website.
Algonquin - from Historic Canada.

Want some cool primary source pictures for your project?

Search the Library of Congress' Native American History Collection

Start a new project in EasyBib to cite those sources.

There is a way you can SHARE a project with a classmate so you can both contribute to the bibliography!
Ask Dr. Wyatt if you need help.