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Greek Mythology Web Resources

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Resources for Create Your Own Myth Project

Creating Your Own Greek Myth
  • An Introduction to Ancient Greece - Click on the link "Plays for Middle School". This will take you to the section of the page where there are links to a number of plays. Don't forget to check the book resources too!
  • Myth Brainstorms - A site from Scholastic. It is a guide to help you create your own myth.

Greek Mythology Games & Activities

Resources for Creating Your Myth

Finding Images
  1. Your group can create your own images using TuxPaint
  2. OR you can use existing pictures. Remember, just because something is posted on the Internet, doesn't mean you have permission to use it.
    When you are using an image or video from the Internet there are different rules if you are using it as a part of a project in school and if you are going to re-post the work online.
Want more? Check out this list of copyright-friendly image resources. Please note that the sites using flickr will not work at Highland.

A word of caution about searching for images. You may find paintings and artwork of the various Greek gods in which they are pictured nude as this is often the artistic style which they are represented.

Egyptian Mythology


  • Egypt Mythology - A resource from Odyssey online. Click on the blue hyperlinks to get more information on gods and goddesses. Also, the Egyptian creation story is linked. The site has a feature with audio that pronounces names.
  • Mythology Gallery Directory - This site, created by artist Richard Deurer, includes lists and descriptions and gods and goddesses as well as retelling of several myths.
  • Egyptian Mythology from Encyclopedia Mythica - This section lists articles about Egyptian Mythology. The articles are listed alphabetically on the left frame of the page.
  • The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt- A listing with a brief description of the power and symbols of the various gods from Egyptian Mythology.
  • Gods and Godesses - From the British Museum, this site includes a story about the creation myth, listing of deities, and an interactive game.

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