Colonial America Resources - Highland Learning Center


Choose a database and once you login in, SEARCH the name of your Colony.
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  • America the Beautiful - Information on the economies, culture, history, and government of each of the states and major territories of the United States of America. Be sure to check the history section and take a look at the pictures.
  • World Book Online - A full-text encyclopedia with maps and links to articles.

Tips for Searching the Web

Developing a Search:
  1. THINK before you type
  2. What do you want to find?
  3. What are the KEYWORDS in the websites that will answer your questions?

Looking at your results:
  1. THINK before you click
  2. What type of page is coming up on your results list? Read the snippet and look at the URL.
  3. Once you click, maximize your time. Cmmd+F = lets you find in the page
  4. You must READ (and read critically) to be effective as a researcher
  5. Build a new search

A reliable source has:
  • accurate information - how do you know? find two sources that agree. If the sources you check don't agree, look at a third source
  • reputable author or creator - how do you know? the person or organization is listed on the site. Researching that person or group gets you to information about his/her/their credentials.
  • the five Ws - WHO (wrote the page), WHAT (content is correct and site is easy to use), WHERE (source of the information), WHEN (the site is current), WHY (purpose of the site)
Evaluation Guide for looking at a website