Cities Project

These resources will help build your basic knowledge of your city and the country in which it is located and find recipes from around the world.
Don't forget to check all the great books in the library as well.
Remember to CITE your sources!

  • CultureGrams World Edition
    • Wondering how to download a country's national anthem from Culture Grams?
      • 1. Hold down the control key while you click the mouse (this is the same as a right click on the PC)
      • 2. Choose option, Save Link As...
      • 3. Save the MIDI file to the desktop
      • 4. In your PowerPoint go to insert ->Movies & Sounds -> Sounds from File ->Choose that MIDI file you saved on your desktop
      • 5. Remember you must be in View Show mode to hear the sound
  • World Book Online - Online encyclopedia.

Other Country Resources
  • CIA World Factbook - A resource with background information about the countries of the world.
  • United Nations Data - A resource of statistical information from the United Nations. You can find out things from the # of Internet users in a country to average household income.

Information about World Travel