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Print Resources

The biome books have been pulled.
There are sets of reference books available.
The animal books have not yet been pulled. You can search your animal in the Highland Library Catalog. Once you find your animal, ask for help finding books about your topic!


For all these resources you can use a Cook Library Number to access resources. Highland's generic number is

Web Sites on Biomes

  • Biomes of the World - From the Wild Classroom. Each biome has a page of resources, video, and many images
  • World Biomes - A resource from Kids Do Ecology. Brief, easy to read blurbs about each biome.
  • What's it Like Where You Live?
  • Earth Floor: Biomes - A student friendly resource from the Center for Educational Technologies.
  • The World's Biomes - An online exhibit from the University of California Museum of Palentology.
  • Mission: Biomes - A resource from NASA about the various biomes in the world. At the bottom of each page, there are also links to other sites for additional information.
  • Terrestrial Ecoregions of the World - This resource from National Geographic begins with a map. Click on an area of the map to get in-depth information about that ecoregion (biome).
  • Encyclopedia of the Earth: Biomes - An article with links to sub-articles about the various biomes. Citations are available at the bottom of each article.
  • Blue Planet- A map of the world shows the locations of the biomes, which is very helpful when investigating GEOGRAPHY. Click on the name of the biome in the key for detailed information.The detailed information also includes plant and animal life in various biomes.

Environmental Current Events

Remember all those fantastic news resources we talked about earlier in the year? They'll probably be helpful to find environmental current events too! Remember, you'll need the Cook Library card # to access these resources.
1. America's News: NewsBank
NewsBank database will allow you to search Newspapers from Illinois and all over the country.
You will need to type in a Cook Library card number to access this database.

2. Student Resource Center
Tips: click on Content Type to limit to news and magazines. Need search terms? Click on the science button to get a list.
You will need to type in a Cook Library card number to access this database.

3. SIRS Discoverer
Type in a keyword. When the results list comes up, click on Newspapers and make sure you sort by date to get the most recent articles.
You can also click on the science beaker to get a list of science terms. Click on Newspapers. Notice on the right column of the screen more specific keywords keep coming up as you make choices.

4. Newsela - This resource has a science news section. You'll need a username and password
username: highland70password: hornets

Citing Sources

EasyBib - make sure you use your account, it is your username and password for your Google Account.