Welcome to the Pathfinder for Your Ancient Rome Project
In your classroom, you will find a cart of books for the project as well.

The Cook database password is 21122002134515

Use these websites as a place to start your research and before you start searching the free web for your specific topic.
  • Romans - A primary history for students resource from the BBC. This is an archived page that was last updated in 2013. It's a good, readable source.
  • Ancient History Encyclopedia - Search for your topic in the search bar. When you are looking at the results, scroll past those in red (paid results) and get to all the articles in the encyclopedia.
  • Rome - Odyssey Online - On the bottom of the welcome page, there are all types of categories to explore for information.
  • Ancient Rome Pathfinder - Here's a list of resources by topic from another middle school library that you might want to check out!

Citing Your Sources
If you use information for your project that doesn't come from your own knowledge, you need to give credit and include that source of information or picture in your works cited.
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