Research Tips

Developing a Search:
  1. THINK before you type
  2. What do you want to find?
  3. What are the KEYWORDS in the websites that will answer your questions?

Example: Was Walt Whitman really in New York city during the draft riots of 1863?

Looking at your results:
  1. THINK before you click
  2. What type of page is coming up on your results list
  3. Once you click, maximize your time. Cmmd+F = lets you find in the page
  4. You must READ (and read critically) to be effective as a researcher
  5. Build a new search


Search Tools to Try:
RefSeek - solid academic search engine!


Databases - this would be especially valuable if you are doing the president project!
Student Resource Center - a resource from Gale with helpful reference articles and other vetted resources that will help you in your research.
Password - 21122002134515

Tracking Your Sources --> Use your EasyBib Account!

My Sample Project
Read the book Riot by Walter Dean Myers
As I read the book, I took notes about historical events, people, and made a note of things I'd want to know more about.
I was sure to read the author's afterward as that usually gives clues about what was historical fact and what was embellished to make a better story. Plus it gives readers an idea of the amount of research the author did and what sources were used.
After finishing the book, I wrote a quick review about what I learned and what I thought of the book.
I did a lot of web searching and reading about the NYC Draft riots. I chose my search terms carefully.
I compared search results from Google, RefSeek, and SweetSearch.
I was happy with the quality of primary sources I found on RefSeek! (What's a primary source & why would it be important?)

I wanted to think of a way to represent what I learned.
I was at a conference last week and heard about a tool called ThingLink, where you can make an interactive image. I thought it would be cool if I could find a primary source image and then link to many of the best of the resources I found. If someone else wants to learn about what I learned, they could use this resource.