Welcome to the Pathfinder to help you with your research for your invasive animal.

Use the Cook Library password - 21122002134515 - to get access to these databases.

Here are some websites to get you started on your research.
Asian Carp
  • Asian Carp Overview - resource from the National Parks Service. Click on links within the article to get more information on the history of carp and other facts.
  • Asian Carp Threat to Great Lakes - from the National Wildlife Foundation about the spread and dangerous of Asian Carp.
Burmese Python
  • Burmese Python - information page from National Geographic
  • Burmese Python - from the Everglades National Park page. Talks about how these snakes are invasive species.
Fresh Water Sharks
  • Jaguar - animal profile from National Geographic.
  • Jaguar - from ARKive, a website that profiles threatened and endangered species.
Mountain Lion
Wild Boar
  • History of Wild Pigs - information about wild boar in the United States with history and a map.
  • Hunting Wild Hogs - talks about wild boar as an invasive species. In Texas they are trying to deal with the issue by hunting the hogs for food.
  • Wolf - information from National Geographic
  • Wolf - from the San Diego Zoo. Use the tabs to get more information.