6th Grade Science Rocks!

Essential Questions
1. How are all rocks the same?
2. How is each rock type unique?
Student Role
Teacher Role
1. You need to take charge of your learning.
2. You will use the textbook, web sites, and other books to discover the answers to the essential questions.
3. You will create something to show the answers you have found to the questions.
1. To provide the time and materials to explore the answers to the essential questions.
2. To provide guidance as questions and issues arise during the process.
3. To grade the answers to the essential questions.

Need help coming up with research strategy? Ask Ms. Wyatt!

Research Resources as You Build Answers to the Essential Questions

Rock Cycle




Rock Identification Games

Ideas for Essential Questions Project
• Comic Strip
• Essay
• Crossword Puzzle
• Concept Map
• Chart
• Display
• Picture Book
• Pamphlet/Brochure
• PowerPoint Presentation
• Puppet Show
• Movie
• Written Letter
• Newspaper
• Magazine
• TV Show
• Skit
• Scrapbook
• Song(s)
• Textbook
• Transparency
• TV News Report
• Worksheet with Answer Key
• Choral Reading
• Poem
• Poster
• Collection with Narrative
• Diagram with Information
• Mini-Center
• Experiment(s)
• Film Strip
• Mobile
• Photo Essay
• Picture Dictionary
• Who Am I?