Historical Fiction Museum Project

DAY ONE: Finding Your Artifacts and Museum Pieces

Searching for Primary Sources
Wordle Created by Jill Anderson

Why go through the work of finding primary sources?
What type of materials do you want for this project?
How will you organize your findings with the others in your group?

Strategies for Planning Your Search:
  1. Read the Author's Note
  2. Develop a list of historical events and people
  3. Build your KEYWORDS and think about the types of sources that would represent the events and people in your book and historical period.

Places to Search

Searching the Web
BUILD your search thoughtfully and look CAREFULLY at your results.

Finding Realia
Beach Park Middle School Library

DAY TWO: Building Your Exhibits

You want your exhibit to be interactive in nature AND you'll want to include a tech component.
Your exhibit should be a hybrid experience - part real object and part virtual.

Some possible tools
  • QR Codes
  • E-maze - Choose Landscape Art Template for the art gallery look
  • Powered by emaze
  • MoveNote - Lets you add video narration to a slide show
  • Aurasma App - There is a bit of a learning curve, but the result is pretty amazing! - on the iPads.
  • ThingLink - Lets you make an image interactive.